Circuit Breaker is an implementation of the Circuit Breaker stability design pattern as described in the book Release It! by Michael Nygard.


26 December 2009
  • Added SpringXmlConfigurationSupport that registers all the required ProprtyEditors for Spring configuration (thanks to Trent Bartlem for suggesting this feature).
  • Uploaded the maven artifacts to a repository.
  • Updated all the dependencies.
4 September 2009
  • Released circuit-breaker-0.9.
26 July 2009
  • Added a 3rd implementation using AOP Alliance's MethodInterceptor.
  • Various JMX changes including a change in the ObjectName that is used to register the circuit breakers to JMX.
  • Added the ability to count slow method executions as failures.
19 July 2009
  • We have implemented a Spring version of the circuit breaker and fixed some important bugs.
4 July 2009
  • First public release, your feedback is welcome.