Spring 1.2RC1 is out

This is very good news!!!! Highlights of this release include: JMX support Hibernate 3 support Java 5 annotations for transactions and JMX Shorter xml bean definitions Finer grained distribution jar files Read the announcement at spring’s site or at theserverside Just in time for me since I am about to move my personal development projects […]

Cool demos of mono applications

In this page Nat Friedman (of Gnome and Ximian fame) has created some really nice demos showing Beagle and Mono. Mono is an OSS implmentation of Microsoft’s .Net platform. Nat has created two demos for Monodoc (the Mono documentation browser) and for creating GUIs with Glade and Gtk#. Beagle is a cool OSS application written […]

The development of the C language

In the last couple of days I’ve being reading a lot about software development. Today, to read something different, I re-read “The development of the C language” by Dennis Ritchie. One good fact found in this paper, that it is not widely known, is why C was developed. Before C there was a language called […]

Sarissa to the Rescue

Manos Batsis, one of my colleagues, has written an article at xml.com. The article’s title is Sarissa to the Rescue and it’s about Sarissa an OSS Javascript library, developed by Manos. Sarissa is a cross-browser library that wraps XMLHTTP (XMLHttpRequest on Mozilla) and various other XML APIs. Now that Javascript and asynchronous web user interfaces […]

Query by Example and refactoring

I am working on an project to expand an existing application with a large set of new features. Some of these features require domain model changes. As these changes happen we are also refactoring the existing model to better match the new business requirements. In this application we use Hibernate for the object persistence. As […]