Article about maintenance programming

The developer.* magazine has published a great article about maintenance programming. The title of the article is “Syndromes of Forgotten Programmers” and it is written by Kevin Cauble. I believe that every programmer who has worked with legacy code will enjoy reading it.

TDD and mock objects

If you are new to TDD and to mock objects (like me) you may want to read the paper “Mocks Aren’t Stubs” written by Martin Fowler. In this article Fowler talks about the two testing paradigms, state based and interaction based. I will use TDD, for the first time, in my next project and I […]

Spring Web Flow

The Spring Framework has recently released a preview of a new subproject called Spring Web Flow (SWF). SWF is a component that sits on top of existing web frameworks to allow the explicit creation page flows. TSS has a nice introductory article about this new subproject. In the past months I worked for a project […]