Contract-First Service Development

Aaron Skonnard has written two very interesting articles (article 1, article 2) on contract-first (web) service development. The articles refer to .Net and the ASMX web services toolkit. WSDL-first (where the developer writes the WSDL first, then generates stubs and implements the code of the service using the generated stubs) is the most pure way […]

OnJava Axis2 article

OnJava has published an article about how to implement message oriented web services in Apache Axis2. The title of the article is “Web Services Messaging with Apache Axis2: Concepts and Techniques” and it is written by Srinath Perera and Ajith Ranabahu (both Axis2 developers). I believe that the above article is very interesting since it […]

Spring Framework’s FactoryBean

Alef Arendsen in this post explains the various ways you can create objects using the Spring ‘s ApplicationContext. He also explains in detail the FactoryBean interface and how it can be used to implement factories that can be embedded in the ApplicationContext XML configuration.