Interesting LtU links

I found the below links at LtU: Is it Select/From or From/Select? Don Box says “Scheme Is Love” XLinq: XML Programming Refactored (The Return Of The Monoids) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Video Lectures by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman

Two new C# 3.0 features that Java needs

C# 3.0 is out. You can get the specification, a compiler other goodies from here. I am programming in Java almost exclusively for the last two years. In this post I will discuss two new features of C# 3.0 that I’d like to see in the next versions of Java. Below there is a code […]

Book Review: Java 1.5 Tiger a Developer’s Notebook

I recently read Java 1.5 Tiger a Developer’s Notebook by David Flanagan and Brett McLaughlin. This book is for experienced Java developers who want to start using Java 5. The book covers most of the new major changes of the Java programming language with lots of examples. Highly recommend if you are thinking to move […]

Implementing Hibernate DAOs

Christian Bauer at the Hibernate team blog has written an improved version of the DAOs of the Caveat Emptor application of the Hibernate in Action book. This new versions will probably be included in the second edition of the book. The new DAOs are implemented in Java 5 using generics and other Java 5 features. […]