Dynamic Delegate

Dynamic Delegate is my new pet project. Dynamic Delegate is a small library that allows you to create objects that implement the Business Delegate design pattern on the fly. You don’t have to code a Business Delegate. All you need to do, is make your EJBs implement the Business Interface design pattern and use DynamicDelegateFactory […]

Book Review: Pragmatic Unit Testing

Pragmatic Unit Testing is an easy to read introduction to unit testing. This book covers the basic information you need to know in order to effectively write unit tests. This book covers in less than 200 pages: What is unit testing and why developers must unit test every piece of code they write. An introduction […]

Serialize an object to a String

In Core J2EE Design Patterns 2nd edition, I saw a small hack that I wasn’t aware of. You can serialize/deserialize any Serializable object to/from a String. I saw this in the Service Locator design pattern where it is used to serialize/deserialize javax.ejb.Handle objects (pages 332-333). The above serialization is very easy to implement. All you […]

Book Review: Core J2EE Design Patterns 2nd edition

I read the Core J2EE Design Patterns 2nd edition in July 2005. Below I have written a review for this important book. Core J2EE Design Patterns is one of the most important books on the traditional J2EE application architecture. If you are programming J2EE systems that are heavily based on EJB 2.x then this book […]