Data in the SOA world

I recently read “Data on the Outside vs. Data on the Inside” by Pat Helland and I have to say that it is one of the best articles I’ve read so far on service orientation. The article discusses data in a service oriented world. It distinguishes data that exists inside the service (private service implementation […]

Why write software for the Mac

Wil Shipley, the founder of Delicious Monster Software, has a podcast of his talk at WWDC 2005 about writing software for the Mac. In this podcast Shipley describes his experience with founding Delicious Monster and developing software exclusively for the Mac for the last years. He also explains how writing software for the Mac is […]

WIND – Wireless Nodes Database

Recently, I visited the AWMN (Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network) homepage and I was pleasantly surprised with their new wireless node tracking software. AWMN, as most wireless community networks, used to use NodeDB for tracking their network nodes. Now, they have developed a new system, called Wind, that uses Google Maps. Wind was developed with PHP, […]

Young vs Old Generation GC

Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz has written a very good article, in his “The Java Specialists” newsletter, about garbage collection. The article discuses the generational garbage collection in the Hotspot JVM and compares the speed of garbage collection in young and old objects. Garbage collection in young objects is very fast in modern JVMs. I believe […]