Testing Spring AOP code

In Using the Spring AOP Framework with EJB Components, Eugene Kuleshov presents a really nice way to test Spring AOP configuration code and advices. When you use Spring AOP use can easily test your target objects with unit tests, but how do you test the weaved code? In the above article Eugene Kuleshov uses unit […]

Better late than never (our Javapolis pictures)

I finally uploaded our photos from Javapolis 2005 and 2004…. For those of you who don’t know, Javapolis is one the biggest Java conferences in the world and probably the biggest in Europe. This year over 2100 people from 43 countries attended Javapolis. I believe that Javapolis as the accomplishment of a JUG is impressive […]

Distributed Transactions in Java

If you are interested in distributed transactions checkout the talk Demystifying Java Technology Transaction Processing by Jon Maron, Mark Little and Greg Pavlik. The talk was given at JavaOne 2004 and it available online for the Sun Developer Network members (you can be a member with a free registration). Mike Spille has also written a […]

MySQL Federated Storage Engine

The federated storage engine in MySQL is a storage engine that allows you to link multiple database tables, that exists in different instances of the database server, into logical databases. The federated storage engine was added to MySQL at version 5.0 and allows us to do various cool things like synchronous replication (using federated tables […]