Theory of Constraints interview

Recently, after seeing David Anderson channel9 video, I came across to the concept of Theory of Constraints and how it applies to software projects. I’ve found Anderson’s work on agile project management very interesting and I will probably read his book in the near future.

While searching for “Theory of Constraints” I found this recent interview of Dr. Eli Goldratt. Dr. Eli Goldratt is the founder of Theory of Constraints and his interview is a very interesting read.

A small quote from the start of the interview:

Gilmore: What are the key concepts behind the Theory of Constraints?

Goldratt: There are two pillars to the Theory of Constraints. One is the starting assumption of all the hard sciences, which is that in all real-life systems there is inherent simplicity. If you can just find that inherent simplicity, you can manage, control and improve the system.

The other pillar is that people are not stupid.