The RPC refactorings in GWT 1.4

In the upcoming 1.4 release of Google Web Toolkit, finally all the serialization logic has been removed from the RemoteServiceServlet. The serialization code now resides into a new class named RPC. This is a small but important change that will allow developers to easily integrate GWT with other server-side frameworks. I am sure that a […]

Gigavox Audio Lite and Amazon’s web services

The Technometria podcast, at ITConversations, has a great episode discussing the architecture of the new Gigavox Audio Lite service. Gigavox Audio Lite is currently in alpha and it is the next generation podcasting platform of Gigavox corporation based on the technology behind ITConversations. Gigavox‘s engineers made the decision to leverage Amazon‘s infrastructural web services in […]

A simple example of “Tell, don’t Ask”

The “Tell, don’t Ask” object oriented principle says: … you should endeavor to tell objects what you want them to do; do not ask them questions about their state, make a decision, and then tell them what to do. Below I have a simple example from the Google Web Toolkit APIs that demonstrates how a […]

Useful Firefox extensions

The list of Firefox extensions that I use: Download Statusbar IE Tab Firefox extension DownThemAll! View Source Chart Web Developer VideoDownloader FireBug Tamper Data ColorZilla Selenium IDE