Implementing Seam style @Logger injection with Spring

Seam provides a number of features to help programmers with the tedious but necessary logging. One of them is the @Logger annotation that is used to inject a Seam Log instance into a Seam component. For example instead of writing: private Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MyClass.class); you can write: @Logger private Log log; and Seam will […]

New features in Spring IDE 2.0M3

Spring IDE 2.0M3 was released and the site writes about the long-awaited Spring Webflow support. Spring IDE now includes graphical and XML editors for Spring WebFlow. I believe that this major new feature hides 3 very important new features that IMHO programmers will find more useful, since people working with Spring spend more time […]

Oracle Toplink is now open source

Oracle has released the Toplink O/R mapping framework as open source. They proposed a new persistence project, named Eclipse Persistence Platform (or EclipseLink for short), at the Eclipse Foundation and they are donating the Toplink source code to start the project. The EclipseLink will be a runtime project offering only libraries and no IDE tooling. […]

The 4th JHUG tech day

On Saturday the 10th of March the 4th JHUG tech day took place. Dionysios and Paris have written excellent coverages of the event so I won’t write any details about it. This was our best event so far and I am very happy that our JUG has sustainably organized events with great success. It is […]