Implementing threads in Javascript 1.7

Neil Mix has implemented support for threads in Javascript 1.7. To do this he used Python style generators, that were introduced in Javascript 1.7, and the trampolining technique. If you are interested check out his post, the example and the implementation. The code only runs on Firefox 2 since it is the only browser that […]

Prototype based object models

The Mozilla Developer Center has a great guide for Javascript. This guide provides one of the best explanations I’ve read on the Javascript object model and on prototype based object models in general. Although I have only programed with languages that provide class based object models I believe that that prototype based object models are […]

Sarissa to the Rescue

Manos Batsis, one of my colleagues, has written an article at The article’s title is Sarissa to the Rescue and it’s about Sarissa an OSS Javascript library, developed by Manos. Sarissa is a cross-browser library that wraps XMLHTTP (XMLHttpRequest on Mozilla) and various other XML APIs. Now that Javascript and asynchronous web user interfaces […]