Oracle Toplink is now open source

Oracle has released the Toplink O/R mapping framework as open source. They proposed a new persistence project, named Eclipse Persistence Platform (or EclipseLink for short), at the Eclipse Foundation and they are donating the Toplink source code to start the project.

The EclipseLink will be a runtime project offering only libraries and no IDE tooling. Other Eclipse projects, like Dali, offer tooling for JPA and O/R mapping. The project will include the Toplink O/R mapping tools and APIs, a JPA implementation, an OXM framework, a SDO implementation and other persistence related technologies.

Toplink is a very mature and successful product. It is maybe the fist successful O/R mapping product for Java and it is great to see Oracle donating it to the open source community.

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Eclipse TPTP 4.1 Released

The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform version 4.1 has been released. Major enhancements of this release include:

  1. Web application testing and profiling support.
  2. There is no need to install and use an agent controller for collecting data on a local system. The TPTP 4.1 plug-in has an integrated controller that can be used to collect data from local applications.

I believe that this is a big step forward for the TPTP project. I can 't wait to start using TPTP for web application testing and profiling.

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If you are developing with the Spring Framework and you use the Eclipse IDE, then you should definitely check out the SpringIDE Eclipse plug-in. This plug-in is a Spring Framework subproject that aims to assist developers with the development of Spring applications.

The main features of SpringIDE are:

  • Spring bean definition editor (with auto-complete support)
  • Graphical view of Spring beans
  • Spring beans Eclipse view
  • Graphical editor for Spring Web-Flow (under development)

See here for a screenshot of the bean definition editor while I am configuring a DispatcherServlet for a new project.

For more information visit the Spring IDE homepage.