A simple example of “Tell, don’t Ask”

The “Tell, don’t Ask” object oriented principle says: … you should endeavor to tell objects what you want them to do; do not ask them questions about their state, make a decision, and then tell them what to do. Below I have a simple example from the Google Web Toolkit APIs that demonstrates how a […]

Thinking in Code

Bruce Eckel has a podcast with 12 interviews of various software luminaries. All the interviews took place in 2003 but Eckel only recently released them. You can find interviews of Anders Hejlsberg, Guido Van Rossum, Joshua Bloch, Martin Fowler, Ron Jeffries and others.

Prototype based object models

The Mozilla Developer Center has a great guide for Javascript. This guide provides one of the best explanations I’ve read on the Javascript object model and on prototype based object models in general. Although I have only programed with languages that provide class based object models I believe that that prototype based object models are […]