The 4th JHUG tech day

On Saturday the 10th of March the 4th JHUG tech day took place. Dionysios and Paris have written excellent coverages of the event so I won’t write any details about it.

This was our best event so far and I am very happy that our JUG has sustainably organized events with great success. It is really amazing how the JHUG has evolved in the last couple of years. We were a small group of Java passioned people that just participated on an online discussion forum and now we organize events with above 150 attendees and world-class speakers. This time we even had our first non-European speaker, Patrick Linskey who came from the USA (San Francisco if I am correct) to speak to our event.

A huge thanks to Paris and Panos (our JUG leaders) for their hard work to organize the event. Guys… you rock! A huge thanks also to our guest speakers Dr Heinz Kabutz (Maximum Solutions), Tom Baeyens (JBoss/RedHat, JBPM lead developer), Patrick Linskey (BEA, EJB spec co-lead) and Rod Hardwood (Jetbrains).

The sponsor of the event was my previous employer. It was great to see old colleges and chat with them again. One of the best aspects of JUG events is the networking and discussions that you make with other people. Also the sponsor’s talk was (from the comments on other blogs and the JHUG forum) maybe the best so far. I was sure that it was going to be an interesting talk since I’ve worked on that system for a year and I know the the i-docs team does good and interesting work.

In conclusion, it was a great event and I hope that our next events will be even better (although this is easier said than done).

Photos from event set1 and set2.