New features in Spring IDE 2.0M3

Spring IDE 2.0M3 was released and the site writes about the long-awaited Spring Webflow support. Spring IDE now includes graphical and XML editors for Spring WebFlow. I believe that this major new feature hides 3 very important new features that IMHO programmers will find more useful, since people working with Spring spend more time […]

Useful Firefox extensions

The list of Firefox extensions that I use: Download Statusbar IE Tab Firefox extension DownThemAll! View Source Chart Web Developer VideoDownloader FireBug Tamper Data ColorZilla Selenium IDE

Eclipse TPTP 4.1 Released

The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform version 4.1 has been released. Major enhancements of this release include: Web application testing and profiling support. There is no need to install and use an agent controller for collecting data on a local system. The TPTP 4.1 plug-in has an integrated controller that can be used to […]


If you are developing with the Spring Framework and you use the Eclipse IDE, then you should definitely check out the SpringIDE Eclipse plug-in. This plug-in is a Spring Framework subproject that aims to assist developers with the development of Spring applications. The main features of SpringIDE are: Spring bean definition editor (with auto-complete support) […]