New features in Spring IDE 2.0M3

Spring IDE 2.0M3 was released and the site writes about the long-awaited Spring Webflow support. Spring IDE now includes graphical and XML editors for Spring WebFlow.

I believe that this major new feature hides 3 very important new features that IMHO programmers will find more useful, since people working with Spring spend more time editing Spring XML files than WebFlow XML files.

New Spring 2.0M3 features for Spring XML

  • Spring IDE now integrates with class reference search (Shift+Ctrl+G). This means that the results of class reference search now also include Spring beans.
  • The XML bean editor now supports renaming of bean ids (Refactor -> Rename bean element, or Alt+Shift+R)
  • Spring IDE now participates in class refactorings (class rename, class move and property rename).

See the changelog of the 2.0M3 release for more information about changes and new features.

I am using the Spring IDE 2.0 milestones from the development update site and I am very satisfied with all the new features. The Spring IDE team is doing a great job (thanks guys) and I believe that the 2.0 release is going to be a huge step forward.